Missouri Angler Catches World Record Bighead Carp

The Missouri Department of Conservation recently announced that George Chance caught the state record bighead carp on Tuesday, March 19th.

Chance fought this fish for roughly 20 minutes before getting it on the shore. He was fishing from the bank when he hooked this record fish bouncing a crankbait off he bottom. Chance was finally able to land the fish using a hay hook, quickly pulling it to shore. He believed the fish was somewhere between 50 and 60-pounds, however he was quickly convinced to contact a local conservationist to see the carps actual size.

Chance was shocked when he learned the fish was a state record, he was even more surprised when he learned that it surpassed the world record as well. Chance stated he was extremely surprised to catch a fish of that caliber, and he had no idea his day was going to be so successful when he woke up that morning. This catch sets the third state record fish in 2024 thus far.

Bighead card are an invasive species from Asia, because of this The Missouri Department of Conservation encourages anglers to harvest any the carp they catch. Chance stated that he chopped the carp up and added it to his garden for fertilization. He plans on eating the tomatoes and cucumbers this garden produces in the coming weeks.