Minn Kota Performance Advantage No.5| Lift Assist

The revolution and evolution of the trolling motor got a major boost when Minn Kota began to offer lift assist to its high end products. No more chasing the troller into the lake  or backaches from lifting and storing with lift assist. A stainless nitrogen filled cylinder makes raising and lowering a snap plus gives anglers the added benefit of quietness to deployment. No more splash and clank but rather a smooth and slow lowering of the motor. Quiet and efficient  power combined with quiet deployment can help put more fish in the boat.  It can also cut down on angler wear and tear.
Its truly about the little things. A good day on the lake can easily be ruined when the trolling motor quits but with Minn Kota its about durability and angler comfort that is most important.
Teamed with a long and  tough  deployment cord and an ergonomic handle the Minn Kota trolling motor is  a step above when lift assist is added. When you are looking to buy a new trolling motor look at the little things. They make a big difference!
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