M-Pack Lures Flippin Jig

As warm weather approaches, one of my favorite techniques on developed lakes is skipping a jig. It started when I lived in Jacksonville, Florida and a short distance from the fabled St. Johns River. Thousands of docks dotted the shoreline from Jacksonville to Lake George and I cut my teeth learning everything I could about the technique—from the casting, to the rod and reel, to line all the way to the trailer.

Sure, being able to pinpoint a jig next to an inside dock post or a hidden brush pile takes skill. It takes the right rod and reel, the right line—but in my opinion, the biggest key is the right jig and trailer. All jigs for skipping are not created equally. You don’t take a knife to a gun fight and you surely don’t try to skip a football head jig under a dock.

I’ve recently been testing the new M-Pack Lures Flippin Jig. It was designed by Mark Pack and, in my opinion, has been tweaked to perfection. It has been excessively tested on trophy bass fisheries like the infamous, wood-filled Lake Fork in Texas.

“I see this new weed guard as revolutionary,†said David Rosenquist, pro-staffer of M-Pack.   “I have tried them all and didn’t know if they would work or not at first. After testing and using it for months there is no question it a premier product. The weed guard is the most important part of this jig. It is a single fluorocarbon strand and the keeper keeps this jig virtually weed and wood-free even in the heaviest of cover.â€

I got some of the first jigs to test and am amazed at how easily it skips, but more importantly how well it comes through brush, sunken Christmas trees and rocks. Even when you feel like you’re hung up, a quick pop of the line frees it easily without wasting the cast.


Another cool feature of the weed guard and keeper is its propensity to pin the fish on the hook. Instead of wallowing a hole, the keeper pushes against the hook point and won’t allow the fish to get leverage and cut a hole. I also really like the wire and barb trailer keepers that firmly holds the trailer. The trailer has yet slip down even after several fish catches. The jig colors are outstanding—Fierce Melon, Natural Craw and PB & Strawberry are my favorites.

The unique style head, although not necessarily designed for swimming and skipping, is an awesome design due to the line tie being recessed and because the bottom of the jig is flat. The MPACK Flippin Jig skips very easily into all types of cover. Whether I’ve used it around grass, rocks or wood, I’ve been extremely impressed by its ability to find its way through the thickest stuff in the lake.

I have been a big believer of the Mark Pack designs for years—they’re extensively tested before going to market and this jig is no different. Hundreds of giant bass have been caught with this jig and I believe you’ll have a lot of success with it.

The M-Pack Lures Flippin Jig is available at MPackLures.com.