Lucas Slick Mist Products for detailing

Keeping our equipment in top notch shape isn’t just a whim; it’s religion here at Wired2Fish. Whether it’s the old washtub or a shiny new boat, if it looks good, it fishes better. Having everything in top notch order ready each time we hit the water is the goal.
This past weekend we got a chance to try out several products from Lucas Oil, and to say we were impressed is an understatement.  After the detailing was complete we believe there are three products every angler should have. They  are all in the Lucas Slick Mist family and include Speed Wax, Interior Detailer, and Tire and Trim Shine.
We did a full detail on two boats. A Ranger Z520 and a Ranger Banshee, and the Wired2Fish Truck.  All were in pretty good shape but nothing looks better  than a freshly manicured boat and truck. They all came out looking like new.    Each product comes in a 24-ounce spray bottle, and we only used a partial bottle to complete both boats and the truck.
We started with a liberal spray of Speed Wax. It applies very easily, and the fine mist wipes off to a showroom shine immediately. No dust grabbing residue was left on any of the surfaces.  We covered every surface on the boat with Speed Wax plus the dash, windshield, and steering wheel. It’s not slick after it’s applied either. We even used it on a couple of rods and it made them look like new too.
We used the Interior Detailer on the seats, rub rail and all plastic surfaces on the boat and used it on floor mats, dash and doors of the truck. We put it on a clean rag and wiped surfaces rather than spraying it on the surfaces. You can apply the Detailer in direct sunlight without any adverse effects.  It also doesn’t leave any residue.
The Tire and Trim Shine is sweet. No slinging and no brownout after use on tires.  The water based spray  works great on external plastic and rubber trim. Overspray was also not an issue.
A bottle and a clean rag  will be with us on every trip and a quick wipe off after each time on the water will keep your boat and truck looking like new.
We highly recommend Lucas Oil Slick Mist products and hope you will give it a try.