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Perhaps the most crucial element to a tow vehicle is its tires. As anglers tow their bass fishing rigs all over the country, we often fail to realize the extra stress we put them through—towing a heavy bass boat can quickly shorten the life of even the most expensive tires. While many anglers shell out the big bucks for a slick set of new rubber, few take the extra steps to maintain their investment. Over time, untreated tires will turn brown and begin to crack at the sidewalls. When sidewalls crack, you’re dealing with a ticking time bomb that will put your personal safety in jeopardy. A highway blowout is bad enough, but when you add a boat to the equation, it can get ugly in a hurry.

So the answer to this problem seems pretty simple, right? Simply throw some tire shine on after every wash and voila—you’re looking right and keeping those pretty tires in check. Not so fast—not all tire shine is the same. We’ve been using Lucas Slick Mist Tire and Trim Shine for quite some time, and if you’re looking for an effective, high-gloss tire shine, look no further.

When washing or detailing a tow vehicle with larger tires, nothing is more irritating than spending 30-minutes carefully applying tire shine, only to watch it sling off when you pull onto the highway. Not only does it waste all of your effort, but it also sprays greasy, hard-to-remove tire shine all over your truck. Lucas Tire and Trim Shine puts this problem to bed, however. I’ve got a set of 285s on my truck and I went for broke and used an entire bottle on them. After letting it sit for an hour, I took a spin around the block to test the product’s adhesiveness and was astonished to see absolutely zero “sling†on the body or rocker panels of the truck. If you’re anal about getting a high-gloss shine without the messy side effects, this tire shine is for you.

The longevity of a tire shine product is always important to consider. If you have to reapply it every couple of days to maintain the shine, it gets expensive and, not to mention, pretty annoying. Lucas Tire and Trim Shine lasts for weeks, even in inclement weather. We all know the program—as soon as you wash your truck, it’s going to rain. This isn’t a problem with this product, as its water based solution repels rain, dust and even your neighbor’s grass clippings. Having recently driven 90-miles in rainy conditions, my tires maintained their shine.


Most tire shine products are a pain in the rear when applying them around chrome wheels. No matter how hard you try, you’re going to get some over spray on them. Fortunately, Lucas has continued to think one step ahead with this product, as it also serves as an outstanding rim detailer. If you’ve got a bunch of brake dust caked on your once-shiny wheels, don’t be afraid to take Lucas Tire and Trim Shine to them. We’ve compared it to other cleaners meant exclusively for wheels, and it continues to outperform them. No grimy residue and no smears or streaks—just a deep shine that will turn heads on the road.


Lucas Tire and Trim Shine can be applied in several different ways. If you’re not much for the high-gloss look and prefer a deeper, black look, simply spray the product directly onto your tire and wipe it down with a towel. For easier application that avoids contact with the rims, you can also spray Tire and Trim Shine on a foam applicator to achieve a deep, long-lasting shine. If you’re like me and love that high-gloss, head-turning shine, spray the product evenly onto the tire and allow it to sit for an hour.

Best of all, Lucas Tire and Trim Shine can be used on almost anything. Trailer tire maintenance is also extremely important, and this product protects them from cracking while also sticking to the tires and not slinging onto your boat. You can also use Tire and Trim shine to remove oxidation on bumpers, mirror backs, truck bed covers and any other rubber, plastic or vinyl trim. We don’t suggest using it on surfaces that you would step on, because as the name implies, it’s slick and can cause you to slip.

If you like to keep a clean rig, you’ve got to try some Lucas Tire and Trim Shine—your days of messy, subpar tire shine will be a thing of the past. Once you get your hands on it, you’re going to want to use it on everything, so buying a few extra bottles certainly isn’t a bad idea.

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