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Leer Cap and Leer Locker Storage Solutions

We travel all over the country fishing and covering fishing. We spend a lot of time in our trucks and have to haul a lot of gear and keep it handy from fishing tackle that we might need on one fishery but not on another to  camera gear, clothing,  oil, parts and accessories and lot more. It’s tough with all that stuff sliding around loose in back seats and truck beds and getting lost or damaged, or worse yet, stolen.

This year we added Leer Caps to two of our Wired2fish trucks and their new Leer Locker was one way we found to not only haul all our gear but also keep it organized and handy. Over the next few weeks we’ll share how some of the pros are using their Leer Caps and Leer Lockers on the road traveling to fishing destinations. Check out what Gerald Swindle had to say about his and see how he uses it on tour.

Do us a favor, and just go to and see what they have to offer. It might be the solution you’re looking for like we were.