Kicker Fish Warehouse Destroyed by Fire

We just put up the introduction of the Bubble Fry from Kicker Fish Bait company and were informed by Kelly Jones, owner of Kicker Fish, that his primary warehouse was destroyed by a fire caused by arson last night. The lost their inventory of everything except their Bubble Fry and 11-inch Ribbon Tails that were stored in a secondary warehouse. Now would be a great time to stock up on those two products if you like their Hole Shot series and help get them back on their feet stronger than ever.

You can find several producst at with more coming once they get their inventories built back up.   If you’re looking to stock up on big worms or the new Bubble Fries that we think will be awesome prespawn Carolina-rigged plastics for grassy lakes and highland reservoirs alike, check out

Please keep the folks at Kicker Fish in your prayers as they get through this tough time. We never will understand the selfishness of folks who do these types of senseless acts to the good folks in fishing.