Jim Moynaugh’s All-Terrain Football Head Jig

The football head jig is an old timer. It has been around for years but in recent years has gained significant notoriety and major tournament wins have directly been attributed to that jig. The football head has several advantages. It works well in rocks. It has a larger profile and is balanced for a horizontal presentation. It can be swam effectively with a large pincher craw trailer or a split tail. The best part of this bait is bass love them and when they bite them they are usually stuck in the top of the mouth.

The All-Terrain Football head is a very unique bait as far as football heads go. Terrain treads, the bumps on the bottom of the jig, hold to the bottom for a better feel and the paint finishes are superb. Great skirts too. The heavy fiber weed guard is positioned exactly where it needs to be and the line tie runs parallel to the Mustad Ultra-point black nickel hook perfect for great hook sets.

This is a great bait for ledges, rock piles and points.

The Inside Scoop

The Moynaugh Football head comes in 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 ounce versions

It retails for $3.29.

Colors include Moynaugh’s Magic, Black Blue, Rusty Craw, Watermelon Red Flake and Natural Craw.

You can learn more and purchase by going to www.allterraintackle.com.

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