Bluewater LED Lighting

We have all seen 20 inch rims, wrapped boats, XDS Sublimated Shirts, Skeet’s Truck, and more chrome than you can shake a stick at but we recently found a killer product from Blue Water LED Lighting that not only adds a cool look but some early morning or late night light functionality that is awesome as well.

A very simple system, a waterproof LED light strip, that is easy to install is perfect for the deck, under the console or in your tackle storage box, and lights a large area. The best part is that it doesn’t draw bugs. It is great for night fishing, early take-offs and evening derby’s.

The Install

The toughest part of the install is finding wires that are on a switch. The switch is critical as it allows the light strip to be turned off and on. The best switch to use is the navigation light switch that is on most boats. The best time to have them on is usually when the bow and anchor lights are needed but with this install they can be used without them in place. Once the wires are found the rest is very simple. All you need is four blade connectors or 2 butt splices, stripping pliers/crimpers and you are ready to go.

We chose to use the blade connectors for a couple of reasons. One, the strip can be removed if necessary and two, you are guaranteed a good connection. Butt splices can sometimes become loose and troubleshooting can be a bear as a result. Soldering the male and female connections assures no issues with corrosion as well.

We installed the strips on two different boats, a Ranger Z520 and a Lowe Stinger 170. Both were very simple. We put a red one under the console of both boats and utilized the 3M double sided tape, provided, to secure the strip.

The outcome

We are absolutely thrilled with the Blue Water LED Lighting. It performs exceptionally well and looks cool too.

Where to find it

Contact Mike Daleo at 1-866-920-8245 or email at [email protected].

Blue Waters website is

The Blue Water LED strips cost $12.99 each.