Jewel J-Lock Jig

A jig is a jig right? We can quickly answer that with a big fat “NO” and Jewel Bait Company has again elevated their position in the jig industry with their new J-Lock Series. The innovation is easily seen
Its one thing to build a dependable jig but its another to think about all the variables that pro’s and weekend anglers need. The J-Lock is an innovative keeper system that positions the trailer in a “locked down” manner to keep it in place and add life to any plastic trailer you may want to add. The wire easily pushes through the plastic and locks on the hook to keep that trailer secure and positioned correctly on the jig even after multiple fish.
We have tested the J-Lock with a Zoom Speed Craw, a Gene Larew Biffle Craw, a Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver, a Berkley Crazy  Legs Chigger Craw and even a Zoom Brush Hog and it works flawlessly. Snug, won’t slide and stays “locked”. They even have a split tail grub that matches the above colors perfectly.
During testing we had one of the best days ever on heavily pressured 1000 acre impoundment and we have to say that the J-Lock was the reason. We caught 8-10 bass in the 4-6 pound class on ledges and points and the true test was throwing other brands before it  without getting bit then following up with the J-Lock and loading the boat.
The jig itself is very unique as well. A ribbed head makes feeling the bottom more precise teamed  with fluorocarbon line and you can easily recognize a smooth mud bottom from pebbles to  wood to rock. The ribbed head  is the deal.
The Jewel J-Lock comes in a myriad of colors including our favorites Blue Pumpkin,  Missouri Craw and Black Blue Purple. They retail for $3.69 to $3.89 each and can be purchased by clicking here.
Look for several new J-Lock models from Jewel very soon. Can you say “J-Lock Football Head”?
You can learn more about Jewel Baits by going to
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