Jackson Kayak Big Rig FD Released

Big is back! Jackson Kayak announced the return of the big fishing kayak with the all new Jackson Kayak Big Rig FD.  The original big kayak has been updated and revamped for 2024. Featuring the fast, reliable and durable Flex Drive Mark IV system. New EZ-HILO seating, upgraded features, and the New MKIV drive make it BIGGER, faster and better than ever.

I was able to test this kayak a few weeks back and came away from that experience thoroughly impressed! I was able to not only pedal and paddle at a good speed but the boat is as stable a kayak as I’ve ever been on. I could stand up and fish with easy. I also put that new MKIV Flex Drive through the paces by pedalling hard over the top of laydowns. The drive would simply bump up and out of the way, and I glided right over the obstruction. Then, I just pulled the lever and started pedaling like nothing ever happened.

The Big Rig FD has a really nice HILO seating system where you can not only adjust the seat forward and back and adjust your back leaned back or up straight, but you can also raise and lower your seat. I have a very odd build where I have to wear tall shirts because my torso is so long but my legs are very short. So sometimes sitting low in a boat makes me uncomfortable. This HILO setup on the Big Rig FD was phenomenal. I loved being able to sit up, scoot up and get the boat setup exactly for my dimensions to fish and pedal comfortably all day. I’m a big guy, so a bigger fishing kayak rig is attractive to me.

I was really impressed with how accessible everything is with their track system. You can add tons of add-ons to the boat, and it’s already setup to do a lot right out of the gate. No drilling holes or anything to add your electronics. You can actually put a battery box under your seat or add their tackle storage system under there. It was very obvious this boat was thought out and designed by anglers for anglers.

Check out some more details and photos from our day below!

jackson big rig fd


The beloved Jackson Kayak Big Rig has returned, this time fully integrated with our Mark IV Flex Drive System. The highest solo capacity kayak in the Jackson Kayak lineup, the Big Rig FD is for those who want to bring everything and the kitchen sink out on the water and yet enjoy the stability and fishability only the Big Rig series can provide.


  • Tons of room and volume for all your gear
  • Massive amount of storage space in bow and aft storage wells
  • The four-hole bolt pattern on the stern to support accessories such as the PowerPole and Torqeedo trolling motor
  • Bungee-less bow design makes it virtually ‘snag-free’
  • The Rod management system is capable of securing four rods and protecting the tips, keeping them safe through launching, landing or when not in use
  • Molded-in fly rod holders keep your rod tips safe and secure
  • Tons of gear track from bow to stern allow you to rig it your way
  • Large transducer scupper fits most oversized transducers

jackson big rig fd features

NEW FOR 2024

  • Jackson’s EZ Hi-Lo (Patented) seating system allows you to raise and lower your seat with one hand.
  • The Flex Drive Mark IV (Patented) is the product of four years of constant evolution. The latest version of the Flex Drive is faster, quieter and more durable than ever before.
  • Hatch Bin included—perfect to keep your light tackle and gear from rolling around inside the hull


The Big Rig FD boasts an enormous capacity and is well-suited for lakes, large, lazy rivers and inshore saltwater applications. Bring all the gear you’d like—and haul it without compromise with the Big Rig FD.

Check this new fishing kayak out at JacksonKayak.com.

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