ICAST 2014 | Strike King Lure Company

KVD 1.5 Shallow

The KVD 1.5 Shallow maintains the same action, profile and affordability of the popular KVD line of crankbaits, but it dives down to 3 feet. Designed with versatility in mind, you can wake it or crash it into shallow cover to elicit reaction strikes. It weighs 7/16-ounce and will be debuted in 13 KVD-approved colors.

KVD 8.0 Squarebill

A truly giant crankbait, the KVD 8.0 Squarebill weighs in at 1 1/2 ounces and runs from 3 to 7 feet deep. It’s said to have a very erratic “hunting†action and is designed with no rattles to take advantage of the reactionary nature of bass. It will be available in 10 excellent colors.


New KVD Crankbait colors

In an effort to expand their KVD Crankbait line, Strike King has introduced 3 new colors in the KVD 1.0, 1.5 and 2.5 series of crankbaits. The colors will be Orange Bream, Natural Bream and Natural Shad.


Denny Brauer Baby Structure Jig

Developed by one of the best jig fishermen on earth, the Strike King Denny Brauer Baby Structure Jig is meant to be used for targeting finicky bass. Every feature of the original Structure Jigs is there—just downsized. It is available in 1/4-ounce and 3/8-ounce sizes and comes in the same 9 colors as the original.


Mark Davis Structure Head

The Mark Davis Structure Head combines the popular “swinging head†style with several characteristics of the Strike King Structure jig. It’s said to have a very weedless head design and an excellent hookup ratio as well. It will be available in 3/8-ounce, 1/2-ounce and 3/4-ounce sizes and come in 6 chip-resistant finishes.


Rage Tail Rage Bug

The Rage Bug was designed with versatility in mind. Although it’s an effective flipping and pitching bait, it’s also designed to punch, swim, rig on a Carolina rig or be paired with the new Structure Head. It is 4 inches long and comes in 10 colors.


Strike King Lucky Shad

Combining Strike King’s popular profile and modern design techniques, the Lucky Shad was developed for targeting bass around rocky shoreline cover when bass are feeding on smaller shad. It’s expected to be especially effective in the pre-spawn period. It’s said to have the tight action of a balsa bait and the durability of a plastic bait. It weighs in at 1/2-ounce, dives to 8 feet and will be available in 11 colors.


Blade Minnow

The Strike King Blade Minnow is a swimbait-style bait with a slender body and a segmented tail, said to give it an excellent, lifelike swimming action. It can be used on a jighead, rigged weedless or as a trailer. It is 4 1/2 inches long and comes in 11 colors.


Naked Rage Blade

The Naked Rage Blade is designed to catch suspended bass and clear water bass. Its clear blade design gives the bait a much more subtle profile and comes in 3/8-ounce and 1/2-ounce sizes. It will be available in 6 colors.


Mr. Crappie Shadpole CT

After the success of the Strike King Shad Pole, Strike King branched out and developed the Shad Pole CT, with stands for “curly tailâ€. The tail is turned upward with is said to produce excellent action at extremely slow retrieve speeds. It is 2 inches long and will be offered in 17 colors.


Mr. Crappie Slabalicious

The Mr. Crappie Slabalicious is a swimbait-style design with a paddle tail. It’s said to emit a lot of vibration throughout the retrieve and is 2 inches long. It will also be available in 17 colors.


Walleye Elite Series

Strike Kind is breaking into the walleye market with the introduction of their new Walleye Elite Series. The new series includes 3 proven bait designs with increased action. All will be available in 12 colors.

  • Lucky Shad—3 inches long for a smaller, lifelike profile. Developed for casting or slow-trolling for shallow fish.
  • Bonsai Shad—4 inches long with a tight wiggle and very slender profile. Developed to be effective in any hard bait scenario.
  • Banana Shad—5 inches long with a wide tail action and a large profile.