Great Finesse Offerings in Lucky Tackle Box

It sure is funny how preconceived notions work. More times than not, what we think we know doesn’t turn out exactly we thought it would. First impressions are the same way. Sometimes you have to give them time to shake out.

For me that is exactly what happened with Lucky Tackle Box.

I get my chosen products typically from tackle shops, internet stores or from the manufacturer and honestly didn’t have much faith in the fact I would get anything worth a hoot from a surprise box. I was wrong and my last two months of Bass XL boxes actually got me to try a new technique or two.

I categorize myself as a power angler but lately due to fishing pressure and a concentrated effort to be more well-rounded, I’ve picked up finesse baits and a spinning rod. Honest to goodness, a lot of it comes as a result of getting these boxes.

I used to say that if a spinning rod was a fairy wand and a shaky head a sissy bait. Not anymore.

Although it’s not a go-to technique for me it is in my arsenal now and I have to thank LTB for making that happen. Just about every box contains unique small plastics perfect for shaky heads or drop shots. Also included in the boxes at times are finesse hardbaits perfect for a spinning rod.

Don’t get me wrong; I would still rather chunk a jig, a big topwater or a worm but knowing there are times that finesse can improve your catch or help put one more fish in the boat is huge.

The moral of the story is old dogs can learn new tricks and the LTB got that game started. I have enjoyed their videos with Travis Moran, too.

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