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Fishing Buddies Take Smack Talk to Whole New Level

Have you heard of Troy? Apparently he sucks at fishing. At least that’s what the billboard on Mile Marker 36 on HWY 371 near Brainerd, Minn. had to say.

Troy and fishing buddies Dave Vee, Tom, Chappie, and Clint like to talk smack when it comes to their annual fishing adventures. In fact prior to this year’s trip, Troy had Christopher McDonald aka Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore record a video and sent it to his fishing buddies challenging them to beat Troy in the upcoming fishing trip.

“Hey Dave, Tom, Chappie, Clint, this is Shooter McGavin here,” McDonald said in his cameo video with a laugh. “You guys really think you’re going to beat Troy on your ice fishing trip this year?”

Dave Vee new he had to respond in kind. So he took out a billboard for 5 days with a picture of Troy bigger than life with the message:

“This is Troy. He sucks at fishing. Talk smack to him at [email protected].”

This is taking smack talk to a whole new level in fishing.

Checkout a video of this story here including Shooter’s video to the buddies.

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