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Fight to Save Rodman Reservoir from Draining

Our friend Bob McNally penned a great piece calling for action from anglers and outdoorsmen and women, especially those in Florida. As some may have already heard, there has been a call off an on to drain Rodman Reservoir as a proposed solution to some of the dredging and salinity issues in the St. Johns River. This is one of those ugly issues effecting a tremendous fishing, hunting and outdoor enjoyment resource for all of us.

Please click to read Politics of St. Johns Dredging Shouldn’t Be Connected with Rodman Dam from Bob McNally on The Florida Times Union’s

Terry Brown lived on the St. Johns River and fished against a lot of the big names in professional bass fishing back in the day. I grew up in Florida for a time and both of us hold a special place in their heart for Rodman Reservoir and other fisheries in that area.

As can be seen from this article in the Jacksonville Business Journal, there are some powerful political interests involved in the fight to drain Rodman and rob anglers, hunters and outdoors enthusiasts of a rich heritage and resource in Florida.

Several professional anglers like Shaw Grigsby, Guy Eaker, and others have shown their support of organizations like Save Rodman Reservoir (click here for their Facebook page).

If you’re an angler in Florida, we encourage you contact your elected officials and lobby them to help protect this resource for us all.