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DeFoe Doesn’t Miss His Diesel

Few professional bass anglers in the world have collected more top trophies the past year than faith and family centered pro Ott DeFoe. Subsequently, he’s also collected an impressive amount of Toyota Bonus Bucks incentive money, thanks to his purchase of a 2018 Tundra, with which he’s already logged 72,000 miles of seat time.

“My Toyota has been the most dependable truck I’ve ever owned, and that’s coming from a guy who always towed with a big diesel prior to buying this Tundra,” says DeFoe.

“Not only does it have awesome pulling power, it’s also got great braking and stopping power, and that’s a quality a lot of people don’t consider when buying a tow vehicle for their boat, but they absolutely should,” advises the 2019 Bassmaster Classic Champion and recent 2020 MLF Bass Pro Tour Stage Three Champion.

A do-the-right-thing guy at heart, Ott DeFoe bought a Toyota to support the brand of trucks that supports the sport he derives a living from, and also because the Toyota Bonus Bucks program makes so much sense. “Nearly everybody who tows a boat needs a truck, so why would you buy any other brand but the one who offers you a cash incentive program, especially one of this quality?” he asks.

In addition to his confidence in the towing and braking power of his Tundra, DeFoe also describes its turning radius as awesome, and says the interior comfort is on par with a smooth riding family sedan more so than a typical truck.

Towing power, stopping power, reliability, comfort, a tight turning radius, and Toyota Bonus Bucks checks in the mailbox — all mighty good reasons why one of the nicest and most decorated anglers in professional bass fishing doesn’t miss his diesel trucks one bit.

However, you don’t have to be a pro like “Otter” to cash in on Toyota Bonus Bucks. You just have to own or lease a 2016 or newer Toyota Truck, sign up free for Bonus Bucks, and be the highest finishing registered participant in one of the hundreds of tournaments supported by the program. To learn more, please visit