Damiki Spoon Tail Miki….its the trailer!

Anglers who  consider themselves expert  jig fishermen have   favorite trailers. They don’t just throw one type or size.  Some are huge, some are  are medium sizes and some are small  but each have differences that make them perfect  for each type of application. Sometime anglers want subtle, sometimes they want pressure waves and loud  and yet other times they may want a slow fall. Damiki Craft has a very unique jig trailer called the Spoon Tail Miki that is the best of most worlds. It’s cupped shaped legs mimic a crawfish in defense and feeding modes and its diirectionally ribbed body causes vibrations that attract the bass.
Those cupped tails causes pressure waves to travel in multiple directions allowing bass to key in on the jig and it allows the jig to fall slower. Each leg works independently when split. They are available in 2 1/2 and 3 inch models and come in a package of 6.
To learn more and take a look at Damiki’s new website click here.
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