Couple Caught with 233 Fish Over Legal Limit

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, 70-year-old Isouvahn Xayachack and 60-year-old Chanhthone Phongsim from Mountain Lake, Minnesota have been cited for having 233 crappie over the legal limit.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resource officers received a tip from a bystander that the husband and wife harvested more than 100 fish over their limit from Lake Sisseton on May 20. A license plate number was recorded and officers caught up with the couple at their nearby apartment.

Xayachack denied having any fish, but something seemed “off”. Officers continued to search the apartment and quickly discovered a total of 253 crappies, with the legal limit being 10 per angler.

Another angler who was fishing with the couple was also cited for fishing without a license.

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