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Considerations before Installing New Trolling Moto

Video Transcript:


Hi, Marty Glorvigen here, Minn Kota Pro Staff Member. Throughout the year I
get a lot of questions from consumers in regards to Bow mount Trolling Motors
and which side the bow should be mounted on. Two things that you have to look
at; A: is the style of fishing that you do and B: where do I operate the boat
from. From an operation prospective, you visually have to be able to see over
the trolling motor. If I’m operating from the console, which is on the
starboard side, typically I’ll mount a Minn Kota Terrova like this on the
port side, I can visually see over the motor when I am navigating and running
the boat.

If I am running a Tiller Boat; port side or starboard side really depends on
fishing style. If I do a lot of drift fishing, I want to set the boat up so
the trolling motor is not in the way so I mount it on the starboard side. If
I’m doing a lot of casting or doing a lot of power fishing off the bow of the
boat, my preference would be the port side so that way it’s out of the way
visually when I’m running the boat. There really isn’t a wrong answer in
regards to which side of the boat that I should mount the trolling motor on,
the starboard side or the port side. It depends on visual safety, secondary
is fishing style. That’s what you have to look at when you mount the trolling
motor to the bow of our boat.