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Choosing the Right Zoneloc Hook for Plastics

This nifty hook design allows for the easy Tex-pose rigging of any soft plastic allowing for easier hooksets. Once that Zoneloc hook has penetrated its quarry, it’s staying put.

What do the Zoneloc pros have to say about their favorite Wide Gap Worm Hooks?

Alton Jones Jr.

“Be sure to use the right hook for the right cover. When fishing in more open water, I prefer the Zoneloc Wide Gap Worm Hook. But when heavy cover and heavy line is in the equation, I chose to rig up the Magnum version to handle the toughest situations.”

Jay Yelas

“The Wide Gap Worm Hooks are the models I use most often in bass fishing. I use them for all sorts of plastics: Senko, worms, creature baits, Tubes, craws, D Shad, you name it- and the Magnum in heavy cover for a pitch/flip presentation.

“I love the way they are so versatile, but also that they so are efficient. I skin hook the tip of the hook (Tex-pose) after running through the body of the bait. It remains extremely weedless, and fish retention is nearly 100% “There are several wide gap hooks on the market, but what is unique about the Zoneloc is that there is no escape due to the deep bend that keeps fish away from the barb.”

Alton Jones


“I really like the Zoneloc Wide Gap Magnum Worm Hook. It is a great heavy cover hook. I recently used them fishing with soft plastics and 50-pound braid in some heavy cover. I had a Top 10 finish thanks in part to that hook.

“The key to rigging them properly is to make sure the eye of the hook is covered up by the plastic, and instead of using a traditional Texas rig you skin hook it or Tex-pose to maximize hook-ups. With Zoneloc Wide Gap Worm hooks, a bite pretty much equals a bass.”

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