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Catch Company Launches New Googan Squad Rods

The Googan Squad and The Catch Company opened pre orders last week on their innovative new fishing rod lineup created through the brands’ dynamic partnership. The highly anticipated Googan Squad x Catch Co. fishing rods, available for preorder now for Karl’s Club members before expanding to the general public, feature a cutting edge design, sleek lines, and ease of use for both avid and novice anglers.  

“The launch of the Googan Squad x Catch Co. Fishing Rods represents another successful and innovative collaboration between our teams,” said Ross Gordon, CEO of Catch Co. “The Googan Squad brought incredible insight and forward-thinking ideas to our team of talented product engineers and designers, which enabled us to introduce an extremely exciting new product to the category. We’ve been working together over the last year to develop this amazing line of fishing rods, and the results speak for themselves.”

The Googan Squad & Catch Co. fishing rods are composed of high quality composite carbon blanks and ceramic insert guides. The Green series features EVA Foam/cork composite grip, while the Gold series comes equipped with a 100% cork grip, expertly redesigned for comfort while showing off a sleek line. The handle and real seat were reimaged from the ground up focusing on both ergonomic comfort and sharp looks. The product engineers at Catch Co. used 3D printing technology to create several iterations of various components for testing, allowing them to design, print, test and iterate with speed generally not seen in the fishing industry. Both series will feature six different rods with variations for casting and spinning setups, ranging in size from 6’9″ to 7’5″, and from Medium to Heavy Power and Moderate to Extra Fast Action. The Green Series is priced at $99.99, and the Gold Series priced at $149.99 for non-club members, Karl’s Club members save 20%.

“Our fans have been clamoring for an official Googan Squad rod series and we’re eager to get these out into your hands and on the water. We purposefully created an easy-to-pick selection of rods to accommodate the beginner or expert angler,” said Justin Rackley, LakeForkGuy, of The Googan Squad. “Catch Co. has been a remarkable partner as we both value innovation, creativity, experimentation and discovery.”

The lineup is the first to feature the all-new CatchSmart rod and lure categorization system, a proprietary innovation that simplifies rod and lure selection for anglers of all experience levels. The system combines a series of icons and scoring to help anglers identify the most effective technique and subsequent lures for each rod. This system also will give anglers an edge out on the water, helping them choose the right rod and lure at a moment’s glance, saving precious time when it’s needed most.

In store and online, this system means that novice anglers can select the right rod for their needs without having extensive knowledge of power and action and what that means for lure selection. The categorization system, developed by Catch Co., will also be applied to other Googan Squad products developed with Catch Co. as well as other brands under the Catch Co. umbrella. The future expansion of the system across more products in the market will further simplify lure and rod matching that some anglers struggle with, generating more confidence and success on the water. 

The Googan Squad and Catch Co. joined forces several years ago and have been disrupting the fishing industry ever since. The partnership began with Catch Co. and its portfolio of brands sponsoring dozens of videos from the Googan Squad and has grown to now collaborating on product development and distribution. Since 2019, the two brands have launched more than a dozen successful new products, and the Googan Squad x Catch Co. Fishing Rods represent the next wave of successful product creation.

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