Cast n’ Catch Mobile Video Game to Feature Live Pro Anglers

Editor’s note: Press release provided.

Cast n’ Catch is a mobile fishing video game app that brings the fun of fishing, combined with the real experience of on the water fishing. Our goal is to get people from the couch to the water! Cast n’ Catch allows users to play a video game and learn how to fish at the same time without knowing it. We bring experience from professional anglers, fishing guides and user experience to provide a real fishing experience that is not only exciting, but also educational. Learn how to become a better angler while having fun, playing games and talk with real pros live!

Cast n’ Catch is a free mobile video game on the iOS app store and Google Play. You can download it on any device that has access to the app store and be playing in minutes. Through our ranking system, each fish teaches you something about fishing. Keep playing and grow your fishing knowledge.

On June 16th, Cast n’ Catch will change digital media forever by bringing audiences from all backgrounds together to compete against professional anglers from all circuits every week live! This experience is in collaboration with some of Brunswick’s most recognizable brands that include Mercury Marine, Lund Boats, Lowe Boats and Crestliner Boats.


Users will have the option to learn from the professional anglers and experience what it’s like to play against real pros. This is a fun and enjoyable way to get anglers or non-anglers into the sport. Ultimately, they will leave the live event equipped to take on their local body of water with more success. Our first week we are having Brent Ehrler and Jordan Lee lead it off. The amount of experience in just the first week may be overload for the users!

Pro angler live days

We bring professional anglers from all tours to fish live against the users on the app; the pros will be playing against users from audiences all over the world. They will be promoting the sport of bass fishing through game play and social media lives. The in-game play will be streamed on all social media channels. The entire experience is consumer centric and positive. We take all levels or rankings away to allow for users to compete against professional anglers at the same level. These live events will feature new professional anglers each week.

They will interact with the audience via app and social media live channels, answer fishing questions, give advice and talk about the products on the game.


Ladies live

We have a large group of women anglers we work with. We will be having them play live on Thursday nights to provide access to every audience. These anglers will be fishing live just like the pros and provide a different take than the pros may. We will feature new Women Anglers every week.

Pro podcast pre-event

We have professional anglers who fish all types of species on our podcast and we also go on other podcasts to promote this week’s pros, live events and promos.