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Browning Citori Sunglasses

Shades are an important tool in an anglers toolbox. I’ve had days where the sunglasses were my most critical weapons. But their use extends well past the lake. It can be the used in the tow vehicle, prepping for a days fishing, or just mowing the lawn. Taking care of your eyes is as critcal as taking care of your skin in bright sunlight.


We’ve been testing the Browning Citori TR-90 frames and CR-39 2.0 polarized lenses. The Browning Citori name comes from their very popular line of shotguns. Some speculate the name came from the Japanese word tori for birds as the shotguns are often used for hunting   birds. Maybe with the sunglasses we can say they give you the birds eye view. Like a blue heron standing on the bank stalking and scouting his next meal, we spend much of our angling life, peering into the water, trying to discover some obscure piece of cover or even seeing the fish we intend to catch.


There are times when I’ve been on patterns like catching fish off stumps and I needed to be able to see the stumps just barely visible under the surface. Other times, on lakes like Beaver and Table Rock where you can see 10 feet into the water, seeing trees deep under the surface can be key. Everyone fishes the visible cover, but if you can see the deeper targets with a good pair of polarized sunglasses, you can have a leg up on the fish.


These shades are hard glossy finish in either tortoise shell or shiny black frames. They can be matched with amber or grey CR-39 lenses. The frames are made from a military-grade TR90 polymer that makes them very durable and flexible. The lenses are a second generation polarized lens with a scratch resistant polymer that will help them last and take abuse in fishing.


The frames feature a silver hinge arm that makes them not only functional for fishing buy stylish for every day use. The frames are extremely light and impact resistant. The CR39 lenses offer great impact resistance and lightweight while still having good visual clarity.

The lenses come with a microfiber case and a hard zipper case to keep them protected and clean when they are not on your face.


These lenses are ideal for medium to small frame faces. The arms are a slightly wider to block sidelight but still a small profile frame that looks good on smaller faces. I have a pretty large head and these frames still seem to fit me well and fit up on my visor when they are not on my eyes. I do feel like the frames are “stretched” when wearing them on top of my head but again I’m probably not the frame they are design for.

The glasses are listed for $99.99 on but we’ve seen them a little lower priced at other retailers. So for less than $100 you can get a good quality pair of shades that will fit all your fishing needs in our opinion. The shades look good, function well and store easily.