Big Bite Baits Fighting Frog

When you hear the term “frog” you think of topwater blow-ups and explosive action. You still get explosive action but the Big Bite Baits Fighting Frog, designed by Elite pro Dean Rojas, is a flipping and pitching bait. Oval body, smooth on top and segmented on the bottom, plenty of appendages, two front legs, two antenna,  and two large  pinchers cause a ruckus producing pressure waves that fish cannot stand.
Combined with a solid head and unique shape  the 4-inch  Fighting Frog design dimensions are  perfect for spawn and post spawn bass. A specially designed hook slot and a textured body makes it look lifelike and because of its size  and profile it attracts bass. It looks like a paddling crawfish swimming in the water.

The folks at Big Bite Baits tell us that the Dean Rojas Fighting Frog is designed to be flipped, pitched, Carolina rigged or used as a jig trailer but we think casting  it works pretty well too.   This frog is made to be used below the surface and give fish a new and realistic look. The Fighting Frog  also works well as a swimming bait and teamed with a tungsten weight and a  straight shank worm hook produces great swimming action. When fished with a light weight, the Fighting Frog has a natural gliding action on the fall or a heavy weight can be used for faster presentations. It is also the perfect follow up bait when you miss a strike on a topwater frog or popper.

One of the most important features of the Fighting Frog is the innovative new design of pockets, ribs  and grooves. The Fighting Frog has hook pockets on the top and bottom, but the key is additional grooves on the sides so it will collapse when pressure is applied. These channels and grooves prevent the bait from balling up on the hook and  globbing up on hooksets, resulting in lost fish.
We really like it as a jig trailer. Matched with a football jig it has a larger profile that big fish like. On a recent trip to Guntersville several of the larger fish we caught were on a jig and Fighting Frog combination. We tipped the end of the pinchers with Poor Boys Dye almost always and hook the bait throught the head to the hook slot.
When fished solo we use a 4/0 hook and a 1/4 ounce weight for better action and a slower drop rate. We also peg the sinker using a rubber band or a bobber stop. We are also  looking forward to fishing it weightless over matted grass later in the year.
The Fighting Frog comes in 13 colors and in both a 3.5 and 4-inch models. We prefer the 4-inch  on the jig.
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