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Berkley TEC Heavy Duty Hook Cutters

How many times have you urgently  needed a tool to cut a hook or a piece of wire and the only thing you had was a set of clippers or needle nose pliers? How many times have you ruined those same clippers and pliers? Our guess is way too many.

The other thing that happens is hook and wire cutters are specialty tools. You only need them when you need them but boy do you need them when you need them! Cutting a hardened hook or a piece of wire can be difficult and precarious at times. Sometimes a fish can be dangling from the hook and a barb has attached itself to your hand. You want that hook out of your hand urgently. The Berkley TEC Heavy Duty Hook and Wire Cutters are the difference.
hookwirecutter-tec-0901.jpgBerkley ®  offers comfort and power in one cutter. The Berkley ® TECâ„¢ Hook and Wire Cutters are designed to slice through the thickest wire and heaviest hook with one-hand use. As mentioned above it may because the business end of the hook has impaled your other hand.  Cutting through heavy hooks when fishing for  all freshwater species including pike, or musky is a difficult task. Having a wire cutter that is durable and can withstand corrosion is invaluable and mandatory to the die hard outdoorsperson. they are not an option but a necessity.
Induction-hardened jaws with a pointed narrow cutter  and spring-loaded SofTorx handles deliver power and comfort while cutting through heavy-duty wire leaders or big-game hooks like 5/0 and 6/0.
Great for freshwater the TEC Hook and Wire Cutters are made with TecTanium steel, which prevents saltwater corrosion too. TEC Hook and Wire Cutter is standard with TEC Sheath and wrist lanyard.
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