BassForecast Leads Angler to 12-Pound Bass Catch

This time of year, anglers will say things like ” I don’t need to look at Solunar Tables or rely on apps like BassForecast with Premium Alerts of best days to fish because I am not fishing as much this time of year.”

To the contrary, this time of year is when apps like BassForecast shine. There are fewer highly rated days in the fall/winter than in spring/summer because of tougher weather patterns, but knowing them in advance and planning trips around them can really pay big dividends for anglers, especially when it comes to catching a trophy fish. 

BassForecast founder, Mike Melhmann said he had his best day last year in December on the only EPIC rated day in the month.


BassForecast premium member, Derrick Merchant caught the 12-pound, 2-ounce bass to start October on the highest rated BassForecast day in the past month at 2:30 PM, in a BassForecast peak feeding time window.

Thanks to a BassForecast alert, I saw Oct. 1, 2020 was the highest rated day in the last month. I usually don’t fish much this time of year because it is hunting season, and Oct. 1, 2020 was a work day.  But, I managed to round up 2 other family members, and I’m glad we went.  We caught 110 bass including a 12.2-pounder, 7.15-pounder, 7-pounder, eight others over 6 pounds and another dozen over 5 pounds.  Big bass were busting on heavily concentrated schools of shad in creek channel mouths.  It was easily the best bass fishing day of my life, and I would have missed it if not for the alert.”

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