ATX Justice Rims Improve Tow Vehicle Looks, Mainte

We always  get a ton of eyeballs as we travel the country in the Wired2Fish trucks, but we just added some more bling with the American Racing Wheel Pro’s Justice ATX wheels. We know there will be even more gawking  now. Stopping at a gas station or getting a quick bite to eat usually means watching fishing fans walking around the truck, checking it out. We also get a lot of “thumbs up” signs as we travel the interstates.
The new ATX 20-inch Justice Wheels match the “Wired”  motif of the truck perfectly. The aluminum look is accented with flat black depth behind each spoke and a detailed center cap sets it off as well. We also like the alternating aluminum and black accents on the outer rim of the wheels as well.
American Racing has dealers across the country and also have over  22 distribution centers for quick service on new products as well.
Look for more models of the ATX Series from American Racing  and give us a wave when you see us.