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Anglers Ejected From Bass Boat Without Kill Switch

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This is one of the scariest boating videos (and scenarios) imaginable. Michael Broussard was fishing with his father on Toledo Bend when the accident occurred. The driver took a turn to sharp and it looks like the bow hooked before both occupants were ejected. That’s not all though; Broussard wasn’t wearing his kill switch and the boat stayed in gear after the anglers went overboard. It seems as if some nearby anglers saw the incident and Broussard boarded another boat and chased down his runaway boat. He jumped from one boat to another to take his boat out of gear.

In his YouTube video description, Broussard states, “I bypassed donning my usual safety precautions because I was distracted and it almost cost us our lives. Despite having been on the water my whole life, I didn’t truly know how unforgiving the water could be and how quickly things can go wrong. ALWAYS wear your kill switch, life jacket and other PPE and know your equipment! Big thanks to the guys who picked us up that day. They probably saved our lives.”

The unmanned boat in gear after anglers were ejected

The boat driver caught a ride with a passerby to try to recover his boat

He barely made it, but he got the boat out of gear

The boat driver waiving to the angler who helped him