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Angler Rescues Drowning Deer on Lake Texoma

This story and video footage is incredible. All of us at Wired2Fish are avid hunters as well as anglers, so Blake Wilson’s recent act of kindness really hits home with us. 

Early Saturday morning as Wilson and his fishing buddy were headed to their first spot between the Washita River and the dam, he saw something odd in the middle of the lake. 

“I saw what looked like a brush pile,” he told KXII News 12.

That brush pile turned out to be a monstrous whitetail buck, struggling to stay afloat. Under normal circumstances, it would be a trophy for any deer hunter. But Wilson knew it had to be saved. 

The anglers immediately began efforts to retrieve the deer, but it was underwater when they arrived to the area. It took three attempts to get ahold of the deer. Despite some struggling, the anglers got the deer to land. 

After noticing some strange breathing patterns, Wilson gave the deer chest compressions. It spit up water and ran away into the woods.

Great job, Blake. Thank you for saving such a beautiful animal!