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Angler Catches 17-Pound Bass, 8th Largest Ever in Texas

The big bass parade out of Texas shows no signs of slowing down, as Texas angler Jason Conn just added one of the biggest bass ever caught in the state to the list. Conn was fishing on Lake OH Ivie on Monday Feb. 13, 2023 when the big fish bit. He was fishing an Alabama Rig and using live imaging while guiding some clients and captured the whole catch on video (language warning).

Check out his Facebook page at Jason Conn Fishing to see a lot more details of his catch.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department have recognized it as a ShareLunker and it’s the largest caught this season.

Last year another 17 pounder was caught by an angler and his son.

Conn made a few comments about his catch on his Facebook page.

“Unbelievable day,” Conn said. “Didn’t get to Ivie until 11 am and by 2:30 pm I have a 17-pound bass in the boat. We weighed her three times at the store and one time on my scale in my boat. She was 17.10 on my scale. 17.03 first weight at the store. We weighed her again and she was 17.18, but we all mutually agreed to use the 17.03 weight due to the fact that we put her in a tank with minnows.

“Anyone that knows bass fishing knows a bass in shock is not eating anything but most likely throwing up food, which I saw 2 shad in the tank she threw up! I know what my fish was but I can’t take credit for a lake record due to this issue! I am now in the top 10 with biggest bass ever caught in the state of Texas and only 2 fish this size caught in the last 30 years.

“So unreal and I am still in shock. Thank you to everyone for all the calls and texts. Means everything to me. I’ve worked my butt off to get where I am and stoked to have my first certified Share Lunker she’s the number 8 largest bass ever caught in Texas weighing 17.03. Video will be posted later! Love you guys!”

Here are a bunch more pics of Conn’s amazing largemouth bass!

measuring oh ivie 17-pounder at 27 inches

fish about to transfer to Sharelunker for breeding

valentines kiss