Agreement Reached in Auburn Bass Fishing Team Suspension

The Auburn Bass Fishing Team and officials from Auburn University met today to understand the circumstances around the Auburn Bass Fishing team suspension from all sides and all sides felt the meeting went well. Auburn officials released the following statement after the meeting:

“After a productive meeting, Auburn University and its Bass Fishing Club have mutually agreed to the club sports team and student organization being placed on suspension until April 22, 2021, with the understanding that the club will adhere to all university protocols in the future. The club committed multiple violations of Auburn’s travel policy and was subsequently suspended for knowingly and repeatedly violating travel regulations. These policies, which have applied to all Auburn club sports teams, were put in place to lessen the risk of harm and/or injury to the students, the public, and Auburn. Whether in or out of the classroom, Auburn will continue to uphold a high standard of excellence as an expectation for its students, faculty, and staff.”

Auburn Bass Fishing Team president Logan Parks also was appreciative of the outcome. 

“I am thankful that Auburn University, and its administration were willing to listen to us and consider all of the facts with an open mind. We have reached an agreement, and, most importantly, the Auburn Team is excited about being able to resume representing Auburn University as we pursue another National Championship,” said Parks.

Joseph P. Durham, Jr. Attorney at Law, represented the bass fishing team and was also appreciative of the University’s openness to hear more about the bass fishing team and what their sport is all about. He posted this statement on his law firm’s page:

“We have reached a resolution that will allow the Auburn team to be back on the water within a few weeks. Throughout this appeal process, Dr. Woodard and the Auburn Administration gave thorough and fair consideration to all of the facts and treated these young anglers with respect. Most importantly, these discussions have resulted in the Auburn University administration gaining a better understanding of the unique nature of the Fishing Team which will result in the growth of the team and additional support of the team.

“I appreciate these young men trusting me to represent them. A special thank you to those who answered my questions and provided information and support.”

ORIGINAL STORY: Auburn Bass Fishing Team Suspended until 2022