Advantage Bait Spinnerbaits Flashy Blades

One of the most universally used baits for prespawn, spawn and post spawn bass fishing is the spinnerbait. It is a very versatile tool that not only can be fished fast over grass and open water, but can be slow-rolled along the bottom, on ledges and around stumps and blow down trees. The beauty of the spinnerbait is it mimics numerous types of forage. It can mimic a bluegill, a shad, and even a crawfish crawling along the bottom. Without question the spinnerbait is one of the most versatile and successful tools in an angler’s tackle box and is used just about anywhere a bass swims.

Because of the fish catching properties plus the fact they are easy to build just about every company has one. If I had a dime for every time someone told me their spinnerbait was better or different I could be resting easy under a palm tree sipping a drink with an umbrella in it. Truthfully, most spinnerbaits work and most of them are alike.

Companies who have been able to make a better “spinnerbait” are ones that took the standard design and evolved it a bit by using products like tungsten, stainless steel and even tin. Colors and blade types also are effective game changers. The new generation style of spinnerbaits not only catch fish but also catch anglers too and the subtle nuances of those materials give those baits added action.

In the case of Illinois based Advantage Bait Company, laser etched blades, high quality components and a BOSS creature skirt make a huge difference. The gold blades are 24K gold plated.

The laser etching provides more flash and can be seen immediately when fished on a bright sunny day. The blades catch light and throw it off of the etching to give more flash, something they call Extreme FLASH Technology. Even the colored blades provide more flash. Its almost like a camera flash in the water. Even in dingy water the flash is pronounced.Because they are built with a light wire the vibration emits pressure waves that garner more attention from bass.

Each bait is hand-painted and includes 3D eyes, Mustad Ultra-Point hook and a molded keeper. The BOSS creature skirt has multiple color patterns depending on the bait and the necktie trailer is built in so clunky trailers that can wrap up or move is not needed with the Advantage Model. The tapered minnow shaped head makes this bait lifelike and  stainless  steel spring spacer adds flash and lasts longer than plastic ones.  

Our experience with the Advantage spinnerbait began last fall and even though we would have liked to keep them a secret we had to let the word out. We really like the tandem willow model with silver blades in Blue Ice Shad and like the 1/2 model best. They can be thrown further and fished on a straight retrieve, pumped or jerked equally well. We had no issues with the baits blades catching the hook and they have proven to be very durable after months of use.


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