8 Great Flipping Hooks for 2010

Flipping and punching grass is a technique that has been around for years. Professional anglers have refined it in recent years, and hook companies have jumped on board in a big way. Special wire, better points, keepers that actually keep the bait from bunching up and hook sizes that meet the demands of smallish plastics without impacting the integrity of the action of the bait. No  more bent hooks and lost fish with this new genre of hooks.
Offset bend  hooks were the mainstay for anglers until recently and the  new specially designed straight shank hooks have now taken the flipping and pitching market by storm. Hook companies have seen this as a mechanism to build specialty products that meet the tough demands of flipping heavy vegetation and wood and have created new hooks that are not only sharper but also meet the demands of the angler.
Here at Wired2Fish we have looked at them all and now have a suggested “Top 5” that anglers can be assured will do the job. Below is the list in no particular order of the ones that we feel will be successful for you.
1.  Trokar 5/0 Flippin Hook – it’s the deal. A unique built-in barb, surgically sharpened point and durability all in one. This may be the sharpest hook on the planet.
2. Reaction Innovations BMF – one of the toughest hooks on the planet. True punchers have used this hook since the beginning and it works perfect with the Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver and other compact baits.  The BMF says it all.
3. Mihatchii Pro Flip – metal keeper puts this hook in a special class. Baits last longer and this hook is one bad mama for strength. Biggest size to date is the 4/0.
4.  Gambler K.O. Hooks – welded eye, super tough, excellent point and built with a special KO Barb. Comes in the best sizes 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0. A super hook for the BB Cricket.
5. Mustad Ultra Point Brauer Flippin’ Hook – This straight shank mutha is also one tough hombre. We like them for several reasons but smaller baits work well on them and the shank of the hook is  not too large for most punching lures. The Ultra Point technology says SHARP and they are super quick penetrators. A  shrink tube barb has to be added but that is no hill for a climber.

6.Gamakatsu has a new flipping power hook. It’s got a wire wrapped in plastic for a keeper.

7. Paycheck Baits Punch Hooks are also sweet and are relatively new to the market. They too are tough as nails and are a great purchase teamed with a Paycheck Punch Skirt for super mat punching. This hook  is the cat’s meow and works well on all punch baits. They are now generally available in the best sizes and can be found at Tackle Warehouse.

8. Daiichi hooks. They have great points and are super sharp  but the ones we have used were not specifically designed for punching. Great hook at a  very affordable price.
Again, these are the hooks we feel meet the “W2F approved” rating  class and we  would recommend purchase of any of them.
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