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Use a Neko Rig to Catch More Bass Than Your Buddy

Does a tough bite have you digging through your tackle box? Whether bass fishing from the bank or boat, the Neko rig is tough to beat if getting bites is your top goal. Nick Smith and Brandon Coulter discuss the importance of experimentation when buddy fishing, with Nick demonstrating the Neko rig’s ability to mop up behind other anglers or when bass are in a funk.


The Neko rig is basically a wacky-rigged worm with a nail weight inserted into one end. This creates a presentation that quickly sinks nose-down and fishes vertically across the bottom. Smith delves into the basics of rigging the Neko rig and where and how to fish it. He details the simple tackle selection ranging from his favorite worm, terminal tackle, and what he looks for in a spinning rod setup for casting and fishing the bait.