How to Neko Rig Bass Along Bottom Transitions

Transitions zones like outer grasslines and hard and soft bottom edges are magnets for late summer bass. Wired2Fish’s Mitch Anderson explains how to find and catch bass along these productive underwater highways using a Neko-rigged worm. While fast-moving baits like a crankbait or heavy ChatterBait can be the deal, finesse tactics like the Neko rig or drop shot rig appeal to all moods of bass and excel at picking apart key edges.


Anderson explains how he uses Humminbird’s 360 Imaging to make accurate casts (lineups) down these edges, which maximizes keeping the bait in the strike zone. Like other finesse tactics, Neko rigging requires a sensitive rod and reel setup — Anderson details his go-to rod, reel and line combo for balancing sensitivity with power. Lastly, he walks through how to rig a worm and shares a tip on using super glue to minimize losing nail weights.

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