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Tips for Neko Rigging Summertime Bass

Finesse tactics like the Neko rig are deadly for summer bass fishing. Professional angler Seth Feider shares a few tips on how he attacks grass flat bass with a Neko rig. While working transition zones between the grass and hard bottom, Seth prefers to use a weedless Neko hook with a slightly heavier line to cast into the grass and work his bait back into the hard bottom area.


When targeting hard bottom holes inside grass flats, boat positioning can be crucial. By using Spot-Lock, Seth can position his boat to cast 360 degrees while he picks apart the surrounding area. While targeting bass with a Neko rig, Seth stresses the importance of proper hook setting technique to increase hooking percentage with light wire hooks and spinning gear. Big swinging hooksets can is not necessary with sharp light wire hooks and can decrease hooking percentage.