Neko Rigging Tough Bass Bites With Gerald Swindle

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Finesse tactics continue to play a major role in angler success in tough conditions, and as a followup to GMAN’s dock Neko rigging video, we slip offshore on Lake Guntersville to target bass on expansive grass flats.

Fast-moving horizontal baits like the Rapala DT 6 crankbait are a favorite search and trigger tool for GMAN, but high sun, dead calm conditions and intense fishing pressure had him reaching for the Neko rig on this particular outing.

Swindle highlights the importance of making on the fly adjustments to the conditions, and how he uses the Neko rig to keep catching when other bites die. He’s quick to point out that he doesn’t shy away from slowing down, and fishing a Neko rig methodically through productive areas is one of the best ways to stay on the bite.