GMAN on Skipping Neko Rigs Under Docks for Bass

From beginner to pro and bank to boat, you won’t find an easier or more effective system for catching bass than the Neko rig setup Gerald Swindle shares in this video. GMAN is a huge proponent of anglers learning how to skip docks with heavier casting gear but admits that the easiest and sometimes best way to get bit is with a spinning rod and a wacky-rigged stick bait.

GMAN explains the benefits of converting wacky-rigged plastics into a weedless Neko rig. A light nail weight inserted into the end of the worm makes casting easier and allows the presentation to be fished deeper under the docks, a place many anglers miss with weightless worms. A strong but light wire hook with a weed guard allows you to fish through and around cover and structure that’ll cause snagging with an exposed hook.


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