Swim Jigs Basics for Spring Kayak Bass Fishing

Wired2fish’s McKeon Roberts is a diehard swim jig angler, especially in the spring when prespawn bass move shallow. He explains how to fish swim jigs around cover and in open water from his fishing kayak while emphasizing boat control. Roberts covers why fishing into the wind is the smartest approach, and how to maintain optimal kayak position through continuous drive mode and the Spot-Lock function on his Minn Kota trolling motor.


While many moving baits work well during this period, a swim jig is an ideal search and bluegill-imitating lure. Roberts uses it to contact bass spread out across expansive flats, work it through shoreline wood, and target bass in isolated grass. He stresses imparting action to the bait by popping the rod, which is improved with a longer rod, and a high-speed reel spooled with straight braid. A swim jig is a great option for kayak fishing on just about any lake in the country with some sort of cover.

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