Kayak Bass Fishing New Lakes | BIG Bass Slugfest

Fishing kayaks have allowed the Wired2Fish staff to bass fish sneaky new water and come across some of the finest bass fishing. McKeon “Keys” Roberts and Kyle Peterson tag teamed this little gem of a lake as it’s more efficient to have a couple of anglers trying new techniques and fishing different areas as you try to unlock the secrets.


After a full 360-degree pass around the lake and little to show, Kyle stumbled on a small pocket of offshore grass loaded with big bass. The pattern was set: small bass scattered across the shallows with big fish relating to deeper, isolated patches of grass.

McKeon shares his 3-pronged lure strategy for breaking down a new lake which consists of a topwater, moving bait, and a bottom contact bait. Texas-rigged soft plastics proved the dominant presentation, while Minn Kota Spot-Lock kept the yaks pinned so the guys could make repeated casts to the school without losing position or orientation. What ensured was likely the best largemouth bass fishing of the year for these two anglers.




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