Tips for Finding and Catching River Bass on Jerkbaits

River bass location is usually current driven — fish often position in or adjacent to moving water where they can grab an easy meal. Current breaks created by islands are excellent locations, and jerkbaits a solid presentation option.

Professional bass angler Dave Lefebre discusses the importance of searching the tails and heads of island current breaks, then establishing a repeatable location pattern. Island eddies adjacent to large backwater flats were key in this video. Baitfish congregate near these “drains” and a jerkbait is tough to beat.

Dave prefers a realistic jerkbait that can be fished fast or slow. Colder water necessitates a longer pause between jerks. Because of this, bass can visually inspect the lure longer, making it important to choose a bait that closely resembles the real thing. Dave also shares his rod setup for this style of fishing as well as a hook alteration tip that’ll help minimize fowling around grass and wood.


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