Tackle Talk: Lucky Craft Staysee 90SP Ver. 2

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The jerkbait bite has been good to me this winter, so I took the opportunity to test a bunch of different ones over the last few months. Throughout my constant experimentation, the Lucky Craft Staysee 90SP Version 2 consistently stood out as a big-time performer. 

I think there are several important design aspects to consider with this particular jerkbait.

Dives a bit deeper

I primarily used 12-pound fluorocarbon throughout my testing and my findings were interesting. Although the Lucky Craft Staysee 90SP Version 2 is billed as a 8 to 10-foot diving jerkbait, I was able to consistently hit the 6 to 8-foot range most often. With harder, more aggressive jerks of my rod tip, I was flirting with its advertised depth range. But with a normal cadence, it seems as if 8 feet is the sweet spot. This was not a big deal to me, because I don’t normally target bass much deeper than that. 

I like that this jerkbait doesn’t wear you out too much after a long day of fishing. I’ve used a lot of jerkbaits that will cause a lot of forearm and shoulder fatigue after extended use, but it seems to be an efficient diver. 

In my opinion, that’s because of its nose-down position when paused. I wasn’t losing any depth while the lure was suspended, which allowed me to stay in the key strike zone without needing to overwork the jerkbait.

It suspends excellently


Lots of suspending jerkbaits don’t suspend very well. It sounds silly, but that’s what I’ve discovered after testing dozens of them over the years. Lots of them suspend for a few seconds before rising slowly. 

Thankfully, I’ve found that the Lucky Craft Staysee 90SP Version 2 suspends well, regardless of water temperature. I tested this jerkbait in water temperatures ranging from 45 to 65 degrees and it suspends perfectly. 


This is a big deal, especially for cold-water anglers. Long pauses are often necessary when targeting lethargic winter bass and whatever jerkbait you’re using needs to sit completely still in order to maximize your success. 

Not to mention, if I’m paying $15.99 for a jerkbait, I’d rather not mess with modifications before using it. This lure is ready to catch fish straight out of the package. 

Impressive color selection

With most reaction lures, I keep my color selection surprisingly simple because I fish a lot of stained water. But when I start chasing those clear-water bass on the lower end of my lake, color patterns are of the utmost importance. Remember: Jerkbaits are a sight-oriented presentation and when you’re pausing it for seconds at a time, realism matters. 

There are 39 colors to choose from in the Lucky Craft Staysee 90SP Version 2 lineup. They’re all very crisp and sharp patterns that mimic an wide array of natural bass forage. Wherever you fish, you’ll find several colors that catch your eye. 

Castability is a major selling point


This is one of the most important things I look for in a jerkbait. Strong winds can create an incredible jerkbait bite, so as you could guess, it’s important to choose one that casts well without constant backlashes. 

This jerkbait has several internal bearings that facilitate long casts with very little effort. When fished on a 7-foot, medium-action rod, the Staysee 90SP Version 2 loads well on the back cast and launches an impressive distance, even when battling stout headwinds. 

Last but not least: The action


I’ve been a big fan of Lucky Craft jerkbaits for a long time because of their aggressive underwater action. I’m glad to see that this particular model is no different—it looks great regardless of your cadence. 

Even with subtle downward twitches of the rod tip, its side-to-side darts and dashes are evident. You don’t have to kill yourself working this jerkbait—a standard retrieve will result in plenty of fish-catching action. 

Final impressions

This is a great jerkbait when targeting staging prespawners and suspended post-spawn bass. If you’ve been looking for a deeper jerkbait, I think you’ll be quite happy with this one. 

The Lucky Craft Staysee 90SP Version 2 is available at TackleWarehouse.com