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Deadly SLEEPER Megabass Jerkbaits and When They Shine

The enthusiast bass world has come to regard the Megabass Vision Oneten Jerkbait as a category-leading tournament bait, but Edwin Evers gives us an informative look at two other lesser-known, but often equally effective jerkbaits that excel when conditions are right.

The Megabass X-80 Trick Darter and Megabass Ito Shiner are taller than the Vision 110 and have an excellent shad profile from the side. The most immediate observation of the X-80 is its wider lateral movement with little effort. Edwin reaches for it in warm water smallmouth situations when an extremely erratic action coupled with a deeper running depth triggers vicious strikes. He also uses it to target largemouth along grass edges and deeper flats, especially when bass are feeding on smaller baitfish.

The Ito Shiner is the X-80’s bigger cousin – it has the same taller profile but in a bigger overall package with more lateral movement than the Vision Oneten. Its big body is paired with three stout hooks making it an excellent option when you’re targeting big bass or when larger baitfish are on the menu. Edwin relies on it during the warm water period for aggressively feeding smallmouth, but it’s also a staple for largemouth in cold muddy water due to its bigger presence and water displacement.