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A Guide to Megabass VISION ONETEN Series Jerkbaits

A Guide to Megabass VISION ONETEN Series Jerkbaits

Bassmaster Classic Champion Edwin Evers discusses the differences and applications of four core baits in the popular Megabass Vision Oneten jerkbait series. The Vision Oneten, Vision Oneten Oneten +1, Vision Oneten Magnum, and Vision Oneten Jr. share a DNA comparable to the original Vision Oneten, yet differences in action, running depth and body size give each of these tools a distinct time and place.

Edwin discusses several factors that influence which bait he grabs given the condition set. This is excellent content for those new to jerkbait fishing or looking to build upon a solid knowledge base. Watch Edwin’s comprehensive Vision Oneten Silent video for a look at how sound factors into jerkbait fishing.


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