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3 Jerkbait Color Selection Guidelines That Produce

Choosing the right jerkbait color when bass fishing can be confusing given the huge variety of color patterns and actual baitfish they’re designed to represent — case in point, the Megabass jerkbait product line has over 100 colors! Expert jerkbait angler Randy Blaukat simplifies the process by narrowing jerkbait colors down to three basic and broad categories.


Randy explains how metallic, translucent and mat finishes excel under varying water clarities and sky conditions. Don’t get locked in on specific lures colors, rather, focus on the aforementioned finishes, the let the bass guide the process from there. Blaukat starts experimenting with color after the first fish of the day, for it reveals the presence of fish on a spot. He’ll fish a variety of colors, then assess which ones the bass are responding to best in terms of quantity and quality.

Apply Randy’s time-tested guidelines the next time you’re jerkbait fishing and remember, don’t get locked up in a specific color; conditions are constantly changing throughout the day. Maintain an open mind, stay creative and ultimately have more fun by dialing in the bite with the right color.