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8 Storage Tips For Your Ice Fishing Gear

With a vast array of species, techniques, and variables, ice fishing is one of the most gear-intensive methods in the sport of fishing (product links at the bottom). With all that gear comes the need to be well prepared and organized in order to maximize success on ice. Wired2Fish staff McKeon Roberts is a total ice nerd with a collection of ice fishing gear that is borderline unnecessary but as he explains, everything has a purpose and is always on hand wherever the chase leads him.

McKeon’s arsenal revolves around a deep tackle bag that houses a variety of on-ice necessities including headlamps, tools, ice picks, bait pucks, and an underwater camera. A tip-up fits conveniently atop the bag secured with elastic straps and is easily accessible when a second or set line is needed. The deep bag also stores camera gear when filming for Wired2Fish. As McKeon mentions, when ice fishing you’ll often encounter temperature extremes most commonly when going from a heated shelter to the cold outside elements. This hot-cold reaction creates an opportunity for moisture and condensation to form which can rust metal spoons and hooks when left unattended in tackle boxes. McKeon’s strategy is to eliminate moisture from ever getting in by utilizing waterproof tackle boxes that accommodate anything from terminal tackle to a large assortment of spoons and hard baits. One such box includes an innovative way to store hundreds of spoons together without tangling or ruining precious paint jobs.