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Yo-Zuri 3DR-X Pencil Review

Here in the southern United States, spring is in full swing. This means fishing is finally heating up as bass are flooding the banks during these optimal conditions. This opens up a number of bite windows we, as anglers, like to capitalize on this time of year. However, one of my all time favorites is the shallow topwater bite. This bite will only get better as the water temperature rises and it can lead to some memorable days on the water. I’ve tested out a ton of topwaters over the last several years and one of my favorites to throw in these conditions is the Yo-Zuri 3DR-X Pencil. 

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I really enjoy this bait for a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest is its size. The 3DR-X Pencil is 3 inches in length and weighs 1/4 of an ounce. This is the perfect size for imitating small baitfish and other types of forage that roam the shallows this time of year. This bait features an internationally patented 3D internal prism scale finish that reflects light in all directions which is great for calling fish up off the bottom. It features a single knock rattling system and comes stock with sticky sharp black nickel hooks.


I’ve used this specific topwater for a while now and I’ve found a few specific scenarios where it really shines. My all time favorite location to throw the 3DR-X Pencil is around shad spawns. Early in the morning shad will group up and flicker around shallow water structure as they spawn. This creates the perfect opportunity for bass to feed as shad are in their most vulnerable stage. Throwing the 3DR-X is my preferred choice when trying to imitate these spawning baitfish. The smaller size and one knock rattle does a great job at calling fish up and getting them to commit.

Another scenario I tend to use the 3DR-X Pencil in is around shallow water shade lines. Throughout the spring, fish will use shade pockets to both feed and seek protection from predators. This can be anything from boat docks to overhanging banks, all of which have bass on them this time of year. Bass tend to roam around these shade lines in search of bluegill, shad or other types of forage that are seeking protection. The 3DR-X Pencil is a fantastic option for imitating these smaller-sized baitfish. Throwing this bait in and around shade lines is a great way to call fish up and get them to react.


Due to this baits smaller size I generally throw it around shallow water cover. This makes casting accuracy extremely important. I typically stick with a shorter rod that has a parabolic action. This allows for more accurate casts around tight cover and a higher hookup percentage due to the parabolic tip. One of my favorite rods for this scenario is the Dobyn’s Champion XP 7-foot Medium-Heavy Moderate Fast Casting Rod. This rod has the perfect amount of length and action to make accurate casts and land fish on smaller-sized treble hook baits.

For a reel however, I prefer one with a smaller profile and a higher gear ratio. The smaller profile helps decrease weight which allows for smoother casts and less fatigue when fishing this bait for extended periods of time. I also prefer a smaller spool since I’m often making short, accurate casts with this bait. The high gear ratio is ideal when fishing walking style topwater baits. This allows you to keep up with your line as you work the bait back to the boat. One of my preferred reels for fishing the Yo-Zuri 3DR-X Pencil is the Shimano Curado 70 MGL K Casting Reel. I like to pair this with 30 pound braid and a short monofilament leader. This seems to be the perfect setup for both casting accuracy and landing percentage. 

Springtime opens the door for all sorts of exciting ways to catch fish. While there’s plenty of ways to catch bass this time of year, there’s no denying that throwing a topwater isn’t loads of fun. Getting up shallow and watching bass erupt on your lure is something I look forward to every single year. This is a fantastic bite that will only get better over the coming months. If you’re looking to capitalize on some shallow topwater action this spring, I highly recommend checking out the Yo-Zuri 3DR-X Pencil.

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