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Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Pencil 100 Topwater Review

Today we’re going to be looking at a topwater bass fishing lure from Yo-Zuri, the 3DB Series Pencil 100 to be exact. This is the smaller version of a bait we previously reviewed here, the Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Pencil 125. This Pencil 100 is basically a smaller version of the Pencil 125. This downsized version carries with it several of the same characteristics that we saw and liked in the 125. So there are a few differences worth pointing out and a few features will touch on again.

treble hooks on a topwater bass fishing lure

A whole lot of hook

The Yo-Zuri Pencil 100 has a whole lot of hook for a mid-size topwater bass fishing lure, which I really like. Outfitted with two large round-bend black nickel treble hooks, this bait is built for both the bass that come up and annihilate it, as well as those that might just come up and take a swipe at the lure. Where the 125-size has three hooks, the 100 has only two. But that’s just right for this smaller offering, as the hooks are sized well to cover a lot of real estate but not so big that they’ll hang one another.

Round-bend hooks also help to greatly increase the hookup ratio on topwater baits, as the wider gap between the point and the shaft of the hook creates more opportunity for a swiping bass to get the business. So I like that Yo-Zuri went with the round bends.

These are stout hooks, not likely to bend unless your drag is super tight and you’re fishing with braid. Even then, it would take a big fish to open these up. As long as you’re using a medium-heavy rod at the most and have your drag set well, these hooks will standup to anything you can hang into.

topwater bass fishing lure

Reflective mid-section

Yo-Zuri’s “patent-pending internal 3D prism technology” gives many of their baits a unique flash compared to lures from other companies; the Pencil 100 is no different. As the light shines through the ribbed body of this bait and bounces off the mirrored surface within the lure, it kicks back out in a wide array of colors.

This is very similar to what you would see if you looked at sunlight as it hits the tiny scales of a baitfish, like a shad for instance. The scales are so small and tightly stacked one on top of the other, that a shad’s body looks to be one reflective surface. The 3D prism technology that Yo-Zuri uses to create several of the color offerings in this bait’s lineup does a great job of mimicking that natural look.

back end of bass fishing topwater

Weighted tail and added sound

Castability has become a big focus among lure manufacturers in recent years. Many companies now incorporate weight transfers systems into their baits to help aid in getting the baits to fly farther, faster. Yo-Zuri has done this with the Pencil 100, putting a ball bearing in the tail-end of the bait.

The ball is located in a long cylindrical chamber in the tail end of the lure. As an angler loads up to cast the bait, the weight rolls to the tip of the back end of the lure. Then as the bait comes forward and the cast is made, the lure is now able to fly through the air tail first, as aerodynamically as possible. This prevents a lot of wind resistance that would occur if the bait were instead flailing around during its flight.

When the bait lands in the water, the ball bearing is now free to roll back forward a bit. But where many lure manufactures have a magnet in place to hold the weight during the working of the lure, Yo-Zuri chose to let the bait roll freely. The result is a pronounced knocking sound as the lure is walked along. So the ball bearing in this chamber really serves two purposes.

bass eats topwater bass fishing lure

Final thoughts

This is primarily what I would consider to be a walking-style topwater. It has a little bit of a cup to the mouth, which catches and spits a little water as the bait is walked. That’s why Yo-Zuri included “Pencil” in the name of the lure, as this is a feature common among pencil baits or pencil poppers. But this isn’t a super pronounced deal with the Pencil 100, so I chose not to focus on that much.

The Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Pencil 100 is a really easy bait to walk. It has a good side-to-side action and again has a distinct one-knock sound to it. With a couple of strong and well sized round-bend hooks, paired with this bait’s unique reflective inner surface and great castability, the Pencil 100 is worth checking out.

Available in 13 colors, there’s likely a little something in their lineup that will look like whatever is naturally swimming along the surface on your local fishery. At $7.99, this is a pretty good package for the price. It’s definitely a bait worth checking out for sure if you’re in the market for a mid-size walking topwater.

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