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Rapala OG Tiny 4 Crankbait Review

I’m a sucker for a crankbait so it’s no surprise I was super excited to test the Rapala OG Tiny 4 Crankbait for the last several months. When many anglers think of crankbaits, they imagine big squarebill crankbaits and other wide-bodied, mid-depth options but for some reason, a lot of folks don’t consider these ultra-thin, balsa wood crankbaits when fishing in tough conditions.

These finesse plugs are very prominent throughout the Tennessee, Georgia, Carolina and Alabama region but for whatever reason, they’re largely overlooked throughout much of the country. I’m here to tell you, however, that every single cold-water angler, regardless of their location, needs to own these kinds of crankbaits. I don’t care what state you live in. If your lakes aren’t under ice right now, you have to try this variety of bass fishing lure.

With that being said, I’m entirely confident that the Rapala OG Tiny 4 Crankbait is one of the best mass-produced flat-sided crankbaits I’ve tested throughout my career. It offers many of the same characteristics that local, hand-made plugs do while maintaining an affordable price point that won’t deter anglers from trying them.

Outstanding components

Affordable crankbaits can actually be a risky purchase if you’re not careful. There are a bunch out there that boast a competitive price point but offer very little advantages in the way of components. If you get into a school of fish and start catching ‘em one cast after another, a lot of inexpensive crankbaits will start falling apart in regards to their split rings, line ties and even their treble hooks. 

I’m happy to say that this is certainly not the case with the Rapala OG Tiny 4 Crankbait. You can take this plug straight from the package and catch nearly hundreds of bass without a single worry of structural failure. The split rings hold up very well too, which is a big deal when you’re talking finesse crankbaits. A lot of times, you can accidentally hook into a hybrid or striped bass and they’ll run you ragged and twist and bend your split rings after just a short fight. 

These split rings, however, hold up wonderfully without being too thick and messing up the finesse and subtle action of the crankbait throughout the retrieve. 

These hooks will get you… and the bass

Maybe it’s because my hands were freezing cold while taking photos for this review but my gosh, these dang treble hooks will hook both you and bass if you even look at ‘em wrong. Straight from the package, they come adorned with VMC Black Nickel 1x Strong Hybrid Treble Hooks and they’re some of the sharpest treble hooks you’ll run across. Throughout my testing, I’d reel up the plug to pick some grass off the trebles (you don’t want to slap a balsa plug on the water) and these hooks would poke and prod me any chance they got. 

This characteristic is especially effective in cold-water situations because the skin around a fish’s mouth gets really tough this time of year so it’s important to have a sharp hook that can penetrate even when a bass swats at the lure. You won’t have any problems missing or losing bass with these hooks. 

Thin profile is a big-time feature

I have a lot of really expensive, hand-made crankbaits in my collection because they’re the only ones thin enough for my liking in tough conditions. But man, the Rapala OG Tiny 4 Crankbait offers a super-thin profile, a tight wobble and a very subtle action for a very affordable price. 

Although I’ve mentioned cold-water bass fishing several times in this article, don’t be afraid to fish this plug throughout the entire year. I’ve found it to be especially effective on shallow secondary points and around shallow boat docks regardless of the season. Weighing 5/16-ounce and diving to roughly 4 feet, it’s a perfect option for the stubborn shallow angler (like me) when the fishing gets tough. 

Lots of nice colors that hold up well

I’ve always been pretty particular about my custom, hand-made crankbaits and how much I throw them because they’ll tear up and get hook rash in a New York minute and because they’re so pricey, I don’t want to screw them up too soon. 

Thankfully, the Rapala OG Tiny 4 Crankbait holds up incredibly well and the colors and finish resist hook rash without any issues at all. I’ve seen a lot of mass-produced, flat-sided crankbaits hit the market with some really generic colors. This line of crankbaits, however, has some really impressive color options you’ll really like. Whether the bass are eating shad, herring, crawfish or some sort of sunfish, you’ll quickly find a color you like. 

Final impressions of the Rapala OG Tiny 4 Crankbait

The “OG” in this crankbait’s name stands for “Ott’s Garage”. Ott Defoe is a Bassmaster Classic champion and one of the most dominant professional anglers on the planet and being from East Tennessee, he doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to a flat-sided plug. After a lot of work developing this crankbait, I can absolutely say it’s an incredible option for someone looking for a well priced but, perhaps more importantly, fish-catching plug. Don’t sleep on this one whatsoever. 

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