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Rat-L-Trap Giveaway Winners

With winter bass fishing kicking off, spring might seem like a long way away but in reality, it’s just around the corner. Before you know it, that first warm front will arrive and as you might know, that’s the perfect time to throw the time-tested Rat-L-Trap.

Whether it’s the standard lipless crankbait we’ve all used for years, a shallow runner or a mid-range diver, their unique sound, great castability or enticing side-to-side wobble helps anglers put more fish in the boat even when the water is cold.

The family of Rat-L-Trap continues to grow and upcoming will be an 12MR which dives to 12 feet and that can be preordered now on their website.

For this giveaway, we’re going to give 5 winners a hand-picked selection chosen specifically by Rat-L-Trap owner Wes Higgins. Heck, he might even throw in a couple of the new Strawberry Craw color that has been hotter than a two-dollar pistol across the south.

Congratulations to the winners, your lures are on the way! Thanks for entering and as always, keep an eye out for more weekly giveaways from the Wired2fish guys.

Troy Wheeler – Smithfield, Utah

Barb Carlson – Caldwell, Idaho

Milton Michels – Yukon, Okla.

Fred Johnson – Clovis, Calif.

Raymond Riley – Phoenix, Ariz.